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Hey y’all!  I apologize for my blogging absence these past 2 weeks.  For the time being, it is best if I put blogging on the backburner, but don’t worry, I do not intend to completely abandon Grace Notes. ;)  I just need to take a step back and review my priorities.  For today, I just have a random life post to share with recent photography and such.

These photos were all taken with an iPhone camera!  Perks of having a mother with a really nice iPhone. :)  Unfortunately, our DSLR camera has never worked quite right, unless I would have many more photos to share on the blog.  It’s always a good day when I get the chance to borrow my mom’s phone, though!  Her camera is way nicer than our DSLR and is SO much easier to use!

My theme for May goals was Beautiful Intentionality.  I tried to make time with God + enjoying the beauty of life and His gifts a priority in May.

Like I have done in the past, I’m taking a break from monthly goals in the summer in exchange for a seasonal goal list.  Here are my goals for these next three months:

- Finish A Woman of Prayer by Betty Henderson.  This has been on my monthly goal list for several months now – this summer I’m going to make sure it happens for real!
- Read Love Defined.
- Do a school study on Biblical economics + complete a study guide.
- Finish A Tale of Two Cities.
- Read 2 additional books of choice.
- Be proactive in having a daily Bible/quiet time.  Wanting to change up your Bible time by using some different approaches/ways to study?  Read my post here for 10 ideas on what to do in your devotional time.
- Put up a new YouTube video every 2 weeks.  Have you watched my most recent video, Be Still, My Soul
- Continue piano lessons with younger siblings.
- Finish writing a hymn arrangement.
- Learn more about music videography.  I’m fascinated by split-screen videos (here’s an example of one) and would absolutely love to create one myself.
- Take new bio blog photos.
- Take each younger sibling out individually.  I’ve actually already been able to do this with my younger siblings, but sibling relationships take work, effort, and time – individual sibling dates should reoccur often!
- Go on a Pinterest fast.  Definitely need this. :)
- Make healthier breakfast choices.  My, I definitely need this one as well!
- Put together a summer modesty blog post.
- Buy a water bottle.  Hopefully having a cute water bottle to take with my everywhere will motivate and encourage me to drink more water this summer. :)
- Go hiking.

I obviously leave out certain personal goals for privacy reasons, and I add new goals occasionally, so by the end of the summer my list may look slightly different!

Success: I was going to put “clean out closet + evaluate wardrobe” on my summer list, but I got that done before June even began! *Does happy dance.*  It’s SO nice to be able to actually walk into my walk-in closet and not have to wade through items that don’t even fit me -- or aren’t categorized -- to find something I want to wear. ;)

It’s graduation time!  I have a brother graduating this year, as well as a million friends and some extended family members.  For privacy’s sake, I’m not going to list the names of my graduating friends, but you know who you are! ;)  Congratulations, girls!

Happy summer!  I’d love to hear from you below…

What are your plans and goals for this summer?
Have you done any recent photography?


  1. Hi Grace! I have a lot of summer goals... mostly revolving around my senior recital (finalize date (it's complicated), make invitations, memorize music by Friday, decide on viola piece...)! But I also have plans to study for and take some CLEP tests before college! :) This summer will be busy but I'm excited for it! Maybe we can get together sometime. ;)

    1. Well, you certainly have quite a bit on your plate! ;) Especially the whole "memorize music by Friday" thing... xD
      I'd love that! Hopefully we can figure out some time to get together :)

  2. I definitely understand having to put blogging on the back burner! And using my mom's phone because it takes better pictures than my camera.! :P

    1. Thank you for understanding :)
      Moms are the best! And their phones ;)

  3. Hmm, *some* of my plans and goals for the summer are to finish my paralegal program, go to Camp Dwight here in Oregon, and spend more time outside. I need to compile a summer goal list. ;)
    I loved all of your pictures! You're so good at photography! I especially liked 4, 5, and 6. ;)

    1. Those are awesome goals! I'm sure you're excited to finish your paralegal program ;) Let me know if you write out a goal list for the summer! I'd love to hear what all you put on it!
      Thank you so much! 4 and 5 are my favorites. :)

  4. Bella MorganthalJune 20, 2018 at 4:30 PM

    I love when you do these posts :) And your goals are awesome!!


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