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Starting… a “smash book.”I’ve seen inspiration for these types of journals all over Pinterest, so I finally decided to begin my own.Basically the idea is to take a journal and put random little things in it such as letters, Bible verse cards, short notes, stickers, and things like that.Since I’ve started completely hand-lettering my cards, I have this collection of washi-tape that’s just been sitting in a basket unused.Washi-tape is perfect for securing things in a smash book!Not to mention that it adds color and cuteness all around.

A 4-Point Overview in Hand-Lettering

I’ve been wanting for some time to write a post or two on hand-lettering, but as you can tell, that hasn’t happened.  I didn’t want to go much longer without writing about lettering since I already took photos and all for a few lettering posts.  So seeing it’s about time I get another blog post out for y’all anyway, I figured that today I’d pull something together that I could include some of those photos in. So here is a super quick, 4-point overview in hand lettering!

The Power of Saying "Yes" in our Sibling Relationships

“Gracie, please play ‘Go Fish’ with me!”
   It was the umpteenth time I had heard the request, except this time I couldn’t resist.  My adorable little brother, clasping the cards in his hands, glanced up at me with his pretty, innocent blue eyes.  Reluctantly, I said “Yes.” 

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Singing… O Sifuni Mungu.  This song, people… so fun!
Trusting… that God’s will is best, 100% of the time; even when trials come or things happen that I don’t understand.  Last week I found out that I have to have oral surgery… again.  This was definitely NOT my plan!  I’m not sure why God placed this mini-trial in my life, but He has a reason and I have to trust Him with it.