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My Bucket List

Hey everyone!  Today I’m doing something very casual and fun here on the blog.  Instead of sharing inspiration or something worthwhile (ha), I thought I’d just go a bit crazy and share with you my “bucket list” (aka: my list of very random and sometimes-crazy things that I will most likely never do).  Well actually, most of these aren't THAT bad... Okay, are you ready for some fun? ;)  Here we go!

Card Inspiration // For the Horse Lover

Hey y’all!  Wow, it has been SO long since I have done a card inspiration post, hasn’t it?!  I’ve been meaning to do a card post all summer, and I kept putting it off; partly because of procrastination, partly because I haven’t taken pictures, and partly because I don’t have cards to take photos of!  But hopefully this post will be the beginning of the end of that! ;)  I’m eager to jump back into card-making mode, and start posting card posts once again for your inspiration :)

Why ScriptureTyper Works for Me

Hey y’all!  Some of you early subscribers here on the blog may remember this postlast year with helpful tips on Bible study and memorization methods.  If you have a really good memory, you may even remember that one of those study tips was the website and app, “ScriptureTyper.”  When we first tried it out, my brothers both found that it gave them only minimal help, but I kept at it.  Now, about 3-4 years later, ScriptureTyper is my main method of studying.  I’d like to share with you in this post why ScriptureTyper works for me.