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My Goals // May 2016 + April Review

May is almost here already?!  Sometimes I just can’t believe how fast time flies!  I am reminded of how we are always pressing forward.  The days behind us will stay behind us for eternity.  We can never return to those ancient days – only press onward.  God wants us to be always growing in Him, spending our allotted time on earth carefully and for His glory.  We cannot dwell on past days, only look back and consider if we have been faithful to the Lord’s call.  Looking forward, how can you better serve God with the time He has given you?

A Jesus-Hug

This was originally an article I wrote about what God showed me yesterday, but I wanted to go ahead and share it on the blog.  I hope it is encouraging!     Sometimes when life seems great and everything is just going smoothly and without incident, we as Christians seem to be “going great” in our walk with the Lord.We don’t have a problem reading of God’s promises, like “My grace is sufficient for you,” because life is going great and we don’t “need” the promises then.We are happy and content, and want to hug everyone.

1 Year Blog-versary!!

Hey!  It’s my first blog-versary ever on this little nook of mine!  I’m so excited!! First, I wanted to give a HUGE thank-you to my dear readers!  There are not very many of you, I know, but recently I’ve been inviting more friends to read.  I am really excited about this coming year, and will mention my goals below.  But first, I hope you enjoy these fun facts and tips! :)

Recipe // Peanut Butter Cups

Hey y’all!  A few weeks ago a friend and I got together and had a craving for something chocolate.  Being the person I am who hates following instructions, I pulled out some peanut butter and chocolate chips and was determined to make peanut butter cups with them, without a recipe.   So many recipes call for so many different ingredients and a lot of time, and we didn’t have much time.  So, we made these without a recipe in minutes.  And they were perfectly scrumptious.

10 Things We Should Be Praying for Ourselves

Hey y’all!  One thing I really love to do is to write in my prayer journal, writing down prayer requests, Bible verses, hand-lettering songs that are prayers, and other things.  Today in my prayer journal, I wrote a list of 10 things that we, as daughters of the King, should be praying for ourselves.  I wanted to share that list with you.

My Goals // April 2016

Hey y’all!   2016 is a quarter of the way over, and the beautiful April month has arrived!  April always seems like a month of joy and refreshment and beauty as the earth continues to blossom after the winter.  As the earth blooms out this month, let’s take some time to evaluate the year so far and make some more goals to help us have a productive coming month.