Blogging Struggles

I cringe to think it has been nearly 2 months since I’ve last sat down to blog.   Do I have excuses?   Absolutely.   Who doesn’t like to give excuses?

10 Ways to Invest in Others

Those of you who read my last post ( here ) know that investing in people is something that has been on my heart as of late.   Because of this, today I’d like to share 10 simple ways you can invest in others.

Thoughts on Investing in People

My brother and I got into a good conversation after class the other day, sparked by something my teacher mentioned and then prompted directly afterward by a completely unrelated Facebook post.

Your Personality is Not a Cop-Out

Have you ever heard of the Myers Brigg personality test?   If you haven’t taken the test yourself, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with the concept.   If you’ve taken the test, you were given a really weird group of letters like “INTJ.”   These groups identify your personality, and each comes with a specific title.   For example, I am an ISTJ, otherwise known as the “logistician.”

6 Things to Remember This School Year

Hey y’all!   The 2019-2020 school year has officially begun!   I don’t know about you, but although I’m nervous, I couldn’t be more thrilled.   This is my last year of high school, and I’m beginning to wrap things up.   I finished Chemistry today and got to work on my duel credit English class assignments.   Lord-willing, I will graduate this coming spring!   I’m enjoying the time before graduation, but I’m eager to see what God has in store for me!

10 Moments from God - Summer Blog Tag

A couple of months ago I decided to discontinue most blog tags on this blog in order to focus more on spiritual growth.   However, I do not mind the occasional tag, as long as it is uplifting!   Anna from Annie Writes tagged me for this fun and joy-filled tag, created to help us count God’s blessings in our lives!   Thank you for the tag, Anna.