Women of the Bible // Proverbs 31 Woman

Hey y’all! Today in the Women of the Bible series we’re talking about the Proverbs 31 woman.I have always loved Proverbs 31 and have admired this example for years.Of course, Proverbs 31 isn’t necessarily describing a specific woman.Proverbs 31:1 tells us, “The words of king Lemuel, the prophect that his mother taught him.”King Lemuel’s mother was instructing her son in this passage.

No Compensation

As Christians – imperfect people saved by a perfect God – I think we all go through phases where we struggle to spend adequate time with the Lord.There are many excuses for this downfall in a believer’s life, ranging from “I can’t find the time,” to a heart-problem of “I don’t need the Lord’s help,” to a simple, “I try to read the Bible and pray, but everything seems so dry!”Whatever the reason, I’m sure you’ve experienced some sort of spiritual apathy in your life at one point or another.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

As you are all well aware of (I’m sure), tomorrow is Mother’s Day.And I will also assume that you have planned accordingly. ;)Because this weekend is all about honoring our mothers, I wanted to just take a moment to brag on MY amazing mother.I think you all should feel extremely honored to meet THE very best mother in the world in this post.Because truly she is. :)

Thankful Things 5/4

“O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.” -- 1 Chronicles 16:34

Women of the Bible // Bleeding Woman

As I mentioned back in this post, the story of the woman with an issue of blood in the gospels is one of my favorite stories from the Bible.I don’t exactly know why; maybe it’s because she had a serious health issue like I once did.I’m not sure.But this particular miracle of Jesus’ has always touched me in a special way.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey y’all!  Can you believe it?  This is my third blog tag this year already!  How fun!  Tags are a blast to do and give me lots of inspiration for future posts as well.  Today, the tag I’m bringing to you all is the Sunshine Blogger Award, nominated again by the lovely Anna from Annie Writes.  Thank you so much, Anna! <3

Blogversary Pictionary Q+A Answers!

Hey y'all!  Today I'm releasing the long-awaited Pictionary Q+A post in honor of my 3rd blogversary here at Grace Notes!!  I'm super excited about this post and the blogging milestone it represents for me.  I'm also very proud of myself because I managed to get photos for so many of your questions, and trust me, it was HARD! ;)