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Currently: Goals, Grace, and Giveaways

Hey y’all!It’s been a little while since I’ve done a “Currently” post, and even longer since I’ve shared monthly goals with you!But yet, I’m putting out more posts and coming up with even more blogging ideas than I believe I ever had before.How exciting!!

Women of the Bible // Dorcas

Hey y’all!Today is the second study in the Women of the Bible series, and we’re going to be talking about Dorcas from Acts 9.Now, Dorcas’ story has always been especially exciting to me because Acts 9 was one of the first full chapters I ever memorized.I memorized it for a Bible quiz competition I was doing with my dad, but then he got pneumonia and we had to back out.But that’s beside the point.The important thing is that I hid Scripture in my heart.

Thankful Things 3/20

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” - Psalm 100:4

Upcoming Blogversary: Pictionary Q+A

Hey y’all!I know it’s only been three days since I last posted, but I was thinking recently about my upcoming 3rd blogversary (blog anniversary), and realized that time is running out if I want to do some sort of blog celebration!  And of course, I do. :)  Hence this post.

Productivity // What about Saturdays?

Hey y’all!I don’t know about you, but Monday through Friday, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.Work, school, family time, music lessons, sports practice, chores, exercise, cleaning, remembering to pray for everyone who has asked you to... whatever your schedule looks like, it can probably get overwhelming at times!

Women of the Bible // Ruth

Hey y’all!I know I had mentioned back in this post about me potentially doing a blog study on women of the Bible, and many of you gave positive feedback on the idea.I’ve been thinking about, studying, and planning to begin this series this spring, and today I’m officially kicking of this study!I am hoping to post every-other-week, but Saturdays can either be very quiet or very busy, depending on the week, so it may not work.We will have to see.Anyway, let’s go ahead and jump in with our first study, discussing Ruth!

An Average Day Tag

Hey y’all!I was tagged for the Average Day Tag by Grace over at Don’t You Know That I’m Singing!I love participating in blog tags (although technically this is only my second), and this one especially was super fun to do.I’m a big fan of taking every-day photos.The sad thing is, I usually delete them because most are terrible quality and I don’t have a use for them.Well, today I have a reason to take some photos of daily life… so let’s get started!