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My Goals // October 2016 + Summer Review

Well y’all, it’s finally time to get back to my regular monthly goals!  We only have a few more months left before the year ends (wow, can you believe that?!) so I want to end strong and get some goals accomplished, and I encourage you to do the same!

Interview with Isabella Morganthal // Part Two

Welcome back!  It’s time for part 2 of my interview with Miss Isabella Morganthal!!  I hope y’all enjoyed part one and was encouraged by what she had to share, and I hope that you are further encouraged by what you read again today.  Another big thank you to Bella for joining me for this interview!  *Round of applause* It was tons of fun, Bella, and I really enjoyed it!! :)

September: Children's Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that September is children’s cancer awareness month?  That’s right… I’m not making it up, and it is a real thing.  So many people are unaware of the devastation of childhood cancer, and not much thought is given to this month.  People don’t realize that childhood cancer is very real, children are being diagnosed every day, and children are dying from it every day.  It is very real.

Interview with Isabella Morganthal // Part One

Hey y’all!  How are you?!  I have a really fun interview here for you today, and it’s pretty sweet!  This is the first interview I’ve hosted here on the blog, so congratulations to Miss Isabella Morganthal for being my first interviewee! ;)  Bella is a 19-year old daughter of the King, and God has blessed me with her friendship for several years now.  I am honored that she has agreed to let me interrogate her with my questions :)