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Recipe // S'mores Dip

Hey folks!  All you s’mores lovers are going to LOOOVVVEEE my post today!  It’s s’mores dip!  I made it for the very first time on Friday and it was absolutely divine!

Card Inspiration // Cards Without Words??

Late last year I received an order of cards that... had no words?  For a minute, I thought she had meant something else.  But no, she had literally meant a card that had no words on it, inside or out.  I am so used to getting orders for birthday or thank-you cards, so the thought had never crossed my mind that I might get card orders for cards that had no words on them!  So, a bit challenged and nervous about how I would accomplish this task, I began work on the set.

Blogging Changes - I Need Your Help!

Hey y'all.  I know I've probably been really confusing with blog changes, so I wanted to take a moment to share what I've been up to here and ask you for your advice.

Easy DIY Necklace

I am super excited about the post for today, y’all!  It’s a super easy yet beautiful necklace that you can DIY in just minutes!  It’s made using 3 things you probably have laying around your house – cord, a washer, and a few beads!  Is that easy or what?

Camping Tips for the Inexperienced

Hey y’all! A few weekends ago I went on a camping trip – my first ever camping trip! Yup, I’ve never actually gone camping before in my life. And what’s more, I’ve never slept in a tent. I’ve only hiked 2 or 3 times. I’ve never sang around a campfire. I’ve roasted hot dogs over a fire at max probably 7 times.

Bible Studying Methods

Hey y’all! It’s August! Soon school will be starting again, and so will a Bible Quizzing organization I quiz in. So, to start off the quiz season, I decided to do a post to inspire methods for studying, and I hope you’ll try some out! :-)