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My Journey with Church Music // Q+A Submissions

Hello everyone!Thank you for joining me thus far in my Church Music series.As we prepare to wrap up this series in the next couple weeks, I would like to open up a Q+A for those of you who have any additional questions or would like me to elaborate further on a certain topic.

My Journey with Church Music // Why I Appreciate Sacred Music

Today’s post is a little off the beaten path and was not originally planned to be part of my Church Music series, but since I have received several requests to write on this topic, and because it is such a big component in the music ministry with which I am involved, I have decided to go ahead and incorporate it into this series.Please forgive me in advance if I do not come across clearly; you are welcome to begin a discussion below in the comments and I will seek to better explain anything that may have come across confusing.

Sunshine Blogger Award, Round 2

Hey y’all!Alyssa at Here is Love tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger Award (thank you, Alyssa!), so here we go again! ;)To see my last Sunshine Blogger Award, click here.

My Journey with Church Music // God's Grace for Our Mistakes

As I have pondered and wrestled with personal questions I’ve had and lies I’ve believed about music ministry – searching for answers and Bible verses, dying to have the perfect aha moment, waiting for comfort and encouragement to steer me in the right direction – I have learned a couple of things about God’s grace for our mistakes.

My Journey with Church Music // When You Want a Different Gift

I have other gifts, but they’re all hidden under constant piano responsibilities.
It seems like playing the piano is the only thing people want me for. Sometimes I’d simply rather be asked to sing in a group than accompany it.