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2nd Blog-versary Q+A Answers!

Hey y’all!  It’s finally time to release my answers for my blog-versary Q+A!   I want to thank each of you girls that sent in questions; you gave me some great ones and I had tons of fun answering them!  I was also nervous about not getting very many questions, but y’all took care of that nicely :)  Thank you so, so much!  And without further ado, here are my answers! :)

Have you decided on a new blog name? :)
Do you like to listen to classical music at all? I like listening to classical music when I have some sort of connection to it (like I’ve heard it before, played it myself, etc.).  That’s when I really appreciate and understand the music.  But honestly, even though I like the idea of listening to classical music, I don’t do much of it.  That is something I hope to fix in the future though!
Do you all have any pets? We have 2 dogs, 4 cats, and a bunny.  We also have lots of chickens, but we don’t exactly consider them pets ;)
Do you like tea, coffee, or hot cocoa best? Definitely hot coc…

A Prince's Sacrifice

Once upon a time… a baby boy was born.  But he was no ordinary infant.  This baby boy was a prince!  It was true that he had no official title as a prince; he did not possess riches or a crown.  His birth was that of a pauper.  He was not born in a palace, surrounded by doting and attentive maid servants; rather, he was born in a stable, surrounded by animals.  It was hardly an adequate birth for a prince, but yet it was as it had been planned from the very beginning.  How many nights to come a humble pillow of hay must have seemed a great comfort to his weary head!

DIY // Wordless Book Bracelets

Hey y’all!  Are you familiar with the wordless book?  It’s a tool to use to present the gospel, particularly to young children.  It has five pages, each with a different color, and each color represents a different aspect of salvation.  Last year I was asked to make a bunch of wordless book bracelets for a VBS, and recently I was asked to make more for a children’s ministry.  They are extremely simple and easy to make, so today I would like to show you how!

Blog Changes (Part One)

Hey everyone!  In case you haven’t noticed… the blog has changed a little bit! :)  I’ve officially renamed the blog Grace Notes and designed it around that theme.  I have not yet been able to make a new web address, so keep using the old one for now, please.  I will keep you all posted on when the web address change actually occurs (aka, “part two” of this post).  Also, the blog is still undergoing construction, so bear with me on that ;)You may notice a few changes here and there for the next little while.The about page is the next on my list to update.The photo page, however, just got a bit longer, so go check that out!