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Hello Fall Tag

A great big thank-you to Alyssa from Here is Love for tagging me for the Hello Fall blog tag!

My Journey with Church Music // The Recapitulation

Hey y’all!I am sad to announce that today the Church Music series comes to a close.It’s been a fun last couple months writing and releasing weekly posts on a topic so important to me.It’s been fantastic and so satisfying putting up content on a consistent weekly basis.

My Journey with Church Music // Q+A

Hey y’all!It’s Q+A day!A great big thank-you to those of you who submitted questions for this Q+A.I love it when my blog readers get involved!

Thankful Things 10/10

Today I’m thankful for…

My Journey with Church Music // Resources

Hey y’all!It’s time to have a little fun in this series!Listed below are some of my recommendations when it comes to church/sacred music and the like.