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December Photo Challenge

Hey y’all!  Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is around the bend!  And this coming month I’ve decided that I’m going to do a photo challenge… for real.  I have wanted to do this for SO long, and didn’t want to end the year without trying it out!  I figured that December would be the best time anyway, since there are ever so many lovely Christmas details to photograph!   So I have created my own photo list for the 31 days of December, and I’d like to share it with you!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Happy thanksgiving to my blog readers!!  I’m so thankful for all y’all support, comments, suggestions, and just following my blog this past year!  Especially with my inconsistent blog schedule, I really appreciate all of the encouragement you have given me this past year when it comes to blogging.  Thank you!  My blog has also grown so much this past year – so thank you so much to all of my newer readers!  I wish you all the happiest thanksgiving!!  “Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with Psalms.” –Psalm 95:2.

Prayer Routines

Hey y’all!  Recently I came across a chart of prayer prompts on Pinterest, and it inspired me to make my own prayer routine!  These prayer routines are designed to easily help you remember to pray consistently each day for different things.  The idea is: each day when you’re doing routine things (brushing teeth, showering, making your bed, etc.), attach a prayer request to each thing and pray for that request whenever you get to that part of your routine!

My Thoughts On // Gratitude

Hey y’all!  It’s once again November, and that means Thanksgiving is almost here!!  I didn’t want to go through the month without posting at least once on the topic of gratefulness, so I decided to go ahead and throw together a post with a hodge-podge of what’s been going through my head this season of thanksgiving.