Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

As you are all well aware of (I’m sure), tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  And I will also assume that you have planned accordingly. ;)  Because this weekend is all about honoring our mothers, I wanted to just take a moment to brag on MY amazing mother.  I think you all should feel extremely honored to meet THE very best mother in the world in this post.  Because truly she is. :)

When my mom got married, she understood the vital importance of motherhood and viewed children as a blessing from the Lord and not a curse.  She decided long before that she wanted to be a stay-at-home mother.  Sticking to her word, she has not once got up and gone to work since my oldest brother was born.  For this I am beyond grateful!  I honestly couldn’t imagine life with my mother gone each day.

My mother has welcomed 7 children and taken it upon herself to train each up, specifically in the area of schooling.  None of us have ever set foot into a school building as a student (outside of college).  Instead, my mother has taught each of us, spending countless hours creating detailed courses, reading and correcting written narrations + listening to oral narrations, tutoring in English, reading aloud, and helping with anything we need assistance with.

Homeschooling her children was something my mom has sacrificed so much to do.  But even from my view on things, it has made such a huge impact and been an incredible blessing.  I couldn’t even begin to express in words how much being home-schooled has impacted me both academically and as a person.

My mother’s decisions to stay at home and home-school us are just two of the decisions she has made over the years that have shaped my life.  She has made ever so many more sacrificial choices on the behalf of both me and my siblings.

There are the little things, too.  I remember my mom doing word-finds with me in the hospital when I was diagnosed with cancer.  She took me to weekly doctor appointments for 2 years.  As I got older, she drove me to music lessons and attended all of my recitals.  She sewed me the most gorgeous summer dress one year.  She gave me good advice whenever I asked… and even when I didn’t. ;) (And yes, I will admit, she was almost always right.)  She bought me heavenly chocolate turnovers from Arbys (I’m still sore about them discontinuing those) and strawberries and other delicious things.  She still does many of those things today.

One of my favorite memories with my mother is when she took me on an afternoon trip to Toccoa Falls last year.  We enjoyed watching two volleyball games, seeing the falls, getting ice cream, and eating lunch + dinner in the car.  It was so much fun!

They say that as you get older you become more like your mother.  If that’s the case, than I am more than glad!  My mother is my greatest role model and I will be blessed beyond measure if I can be like her one day.

So to sum it up, what exactly does my mother do?  She runs a day-care, private school, restaurant, pharmacy, and hotel all within the walls of our house. ;)  She. Is. Amazing.  Like, superwoman-status.

I love you, Mom! <3

“Her children rise up and call her blessed.” – Proverbs 31:28a.


  1. What a sweet post, you are so kind to do this for you mom, I know she will love it. *Wonders at you because my mom is most certainly the best mom ever* Hahaha!

    1. Thanks Livy. Aww no I'm pretty sure my mom is the best ;)

  2. Runs a daycare and private school... I've heard that one before! Haha!
    Our moms do so much for us! More than we'll ever realize.
    Best Mom??? I tend to have a somewhat biased opinion on who's the best mom... Haha! But I know your mom is awesome too!

    1. Haha yes, wonder where I got that from?? ;) It's so true tho! xD
      Yes, we have fantastic mothers!!

  3. Aww what a sweet post! <3 I see some "best mom" rivalry going on.... XD

  4. What a beautiful post!!! Your mom sounds really nice! I really like the verse at the end! :D

    1. Thanks Laura! My mom is super sweet ;) I love that verse too!


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