Currently: Sibling Hikes + Photo Shoots

Hey y’all!  Over the past few months a lot has happened in my corner of the world, and I’ve also accumulated a couple photos.  You all know what that means! :)  It’s time for another “Currently” post!

Go hiking = check!

So glad to finally check this off my bucket list!  Back in June, I was able to go hiking with one of my older brothers early one morning.  This is an edited photo of the gorgeous mountain we climbed (although the photo does NOT do it justice in any way, shape, or form).  We did not hike all the way to the top since we were limited on time, but we hope to in the future, especially since I have never been to the top before and it boasts a spectacular view.

I also apparently felt the need to get this weird, pointless photo on a rock amidst a stream along the trail.

My Bible time one day, accompanied by a healthy THM chocolate smoothie.  The Bible time was great; the smoothie, not so much.  But hey, at least I exercised my skills in the kitchen and learned how to make something new. :)

And then there is volleyball!  Now, let me tell you about this.  Last year was a sort of gap year for me in volleyball.  I played with the YMCA to keep up with the sport, but very little of it was actually REAL volleyball.  Coming into this year, we researched tryouts and local teams early on so we had time to weigh options before tryouts began.  The only team we ended up acknowledging as a possibility though happened to be located 45+ minutes away.  With my threatening full schedule, and this being such a distance, we were skeptical.  I faced the reality of once again not having a real team in 2018.

Just a couple weeks before tryouts began for most of the teams in the area, my mom received some information about a new team starting up.  And guess what?  They were only about 20 minutes away from our house, AND the facility is located on the same highway as the college I will be taking classes at.  Talk about convenient!

Isn’t God so good?  He arranged everything so perfectly.  I wanted to play volleyball this year so badly, and He worked out every single detail.  It blows me away that such a great God would care so much for me to fulfill such an insignificant desire of mine.

It’s always exciting when there are expecting mamas in your circles!  I have a weakness for reverting back to special papers + stickers when it comes baby cards… these were super fun to make!


I haven’t done much lettering lately, but I managed to get these two in.  Please forgive the dingy color of my lettering notebook.

One of the highlights of my summer was attending music camp again, this time in the choral division.  You can see our choreographed rendition of Step in Time from Mary Poppins here.  We had a blast performing this and I was so pumped that I got out of sync several times.  Oh well. :)

On the YouTube front, I have a super fun video in the works, but for now, enjoy my latest video of the He’s a Pirate theme from Pirates of the Caribbean (yes, I did actually sit on the piano for this one)!  This piece is one of my favorites and I have a bet going with one of my brothers that I’ll play this song for my wedding recessional some day. :)  Just kidding!  (We don’t bet.)  But I am pretty serious when I say I think this would make a thrilling recessional.  Don’t you agree? (Also, don't forget to comment below the video  -- or just in the comments of this post -- sharing your favorite hymn!  I would love to know which hymn arrangements my subscribers/watchers would love to see on my channel.)


Gotta have some funny photos in there too, right?! :)

I was very excited to get new blog photos taken recently for my about page and profile photo.  My sister did the photos for me and she did fantastic!  Above are a couple from our little photo shoot.  Which are your favorites?

Well, that’s just a little snippet of what’s been going on in my life lately!  Please comment and let me know what’s been going on in YOUR life lately.  I’d love to hear!


  1. I loved reading this post!! It sounds like you've had a very adventurous and fun summer! :) First, that is so awesome you got to go on the hike! I went on my first hike with my sister in May. It was so fun! :) Your sister did such a wonderful job with your photos!! I especially love photos #6, #8, and #9! What camera did she use? You are so talented at piano! I loved watching the video! The end made me laugh! xD LOL!
    Here's what's been going on in my life lately: a trip to the beach--on this trip I was able to take lots of pictures of a sunrise at the beach, starting school for the year, Bible Bee, and writing!

    1. Thank you for reading! Our summer has been quite interesting, yes. :) I forgot to include this, but we also celebrated one of my brothers' graduations (I even have photos of decorations! Hmm. Perhaps I'll go back and include them) and I sang in a choral event of 160+ singers and a full orchestra! Those both took place on the same day, actually. xD
      My sister just used my mom's iPhone 6?? 8?? I'm not exactly sure what iPhone she has, but it has fantastic outdoor photograph quality.
      Aww, thank you! The piece is a blast to play and my favorite part is definitely getting to sit on the piano at the end. :)
      That all sounds awesome! I would love to go to the beach sometime soon. How is Bible Bee going?

  2. I loved all of your photos, you are so gorgeous! And I love your handlettering! :)

  3. I LOVE these photos so much!! :) The second one of you in the green shirt is my absolute favorite <3


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