Thankful Things

Hey y’all!  Today I’d like to just keep it simple and tell you of a couple sweet little blessings in my days these past few weeks.  After all, we’re supposed to count our blessings!  But while I’m at it, why don’t I share a few photos, too? :)  Thankful for these little blessings God has given!

~ This adorable little rose I discovered on our blooming bush

~ Time with God in the fresh morning air

~ My new set of Callicreative Duotip Manuscript pens (!!!)

~ Delicious chocolate truffles from my mom :)

~ My study book for Mark + 1-3 John + Jude

~ Old and new, classical and sacred, flute books alike

~ My purple smash book

~ Finally getting some more pictures (like this one!) up on my ‘photos’ page

~ Going through card-making supplies with a sister
~ Spending an hour in prayer
~ Adorable tops for a dollar apiece at the thrift store

What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. Aw, I love this post! The purple smash journal looks soo fun! :) I am thankful for an absolutely gorgeous end of summer day, my new guest post being up online, and...YOU!

    1. Oh yes, I was wondering if you'd comment about the smash book... ;) (I was SUPER excited to fill some pages up with the lovely notes and things you sent me in your 'open when' letters; they make me smile! :) )

      Those are wonderful things to be thankful for! God's blessings are so beautiful... I'm so glad that everything in our lives is orchestrated by Him, aren't you?! He gives us the BEST blessings and surprises, beyond anything we could ask or think!

      Aww, thanks! I'm thankful for you too, friend! (In fact, I just got done with thanking God specifically for you in my prayer time tonight <3)

    2. Aww I'm so glad! :) Yes, amen! He is so, so good <3 Definitely giving us beyond what we deserve or imagine!
      You're so sweet <3

  2. I loved this post, Grace! You are good at taking pictures. :) The quiz book... a little familiar-looking. :) I'm slightly worried about having all of Mark 10 memorized in a month, but hopefully I can do it. I enjoyed seeing you today!

    Are those pens what you use for lettering?

    1. Thanks Joy! Haha yeah, the book does look a little familiar doesn't it? ;) I hope your studying for Mark 10 goes well. You can do it!! I enjoyed seeing you again today too, and eating dinner with you :)

      Yep, those are the main pens I use for lettering. One side has a ballpoint, and the other is like a marker with a straight edge (but I mainly use the ballpoint side). I found mine at Hobby Lobby.

    2. Of course, there are no specific pens you have to use for lettering, but these are just personally my favorite :)

  3. A lovely post, Grace! It's always important to reflect on what we are thankful for! I'm thankful for... fall leaves, chocolate fudge, sweet friends, a million things! :D

    1. It definitely is important to reflect on what the Lord has given us! Those are wonderful things to thank the Lord for! I especially agree with you on the fudge ;)


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