Double-Tagged for the Liebster Award

Hey y’all!  My friend Anna from Annie Writes recently tagged me for the Liebster Award… AND THEN Alyssa over at Here is Love tagged me, too!  Obviously I’m very popular :)  Kidding, of course!  But seriously girls, thank you so much for tagging me!  I’m honored.  Since I didn’t want to leave one of them out, I’ve decided to just combine everything and do it all at once.

What exactly is the Liebster award?  To quote Anna’s blog: The Liebster Award is an award for new bloggers and those with few or small followers. It’s a way of giving new bloggers some recognition and encouragement for their hard work.”

The rules listed on each of the girls’ blogs were written out differently, but covered basically the same things.  Here’s my version of it:

1 – Thank the blog that nominated you and include a Liebster Award graphic (I took mine from Alyssa’s blog).
2 – Answer the questions the blogger gave you.
3 – Share some random fun-facts about yourself.
4 – Nominate as many other blogs you can/want to, and inform them of the nomination.
5 – Give your nominees questions to answer (Anna gave 8 and Alyssa gave 11.  Aim for somewhere in there).

Hopefully that made sense… ;)  But if you’re totally lost or have questions, feel free to ask below in the comment section and I will do my best to give an accurate answer.

Ready?  Let’s get started!  Here are the questions the girls provided…

What is your goal in blogging?
I want to encourage, inspire, and challenge young ladies to redeem the time and live for the Lord.  I also want to simply put a smile on your face, hence some of my just-fun posts! :)

Other than blogging, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
Music is definitely my greatest passion and I spend lots of time at the piano.  I also enjoy hand-lettering, photography, serving at church, and writing.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
Well, my favorite passages change all the time, but one verse that means so much to me is Psalm 23:1.  I’m not sure why, but it just calms my spirit in a special way, reminding me that Jesus, my faithful, tenderly loving shepherd, is ALL I need.

What has God been teaching you lately?
Time management/productivity is a big thing God has been teaching me.  I have also been learning to say yes to harder things, and to let God handle it when I get overwhelmed.  Recently I was getting all frenzied about some upcoming music responsibilities at church, and I had to speak God’s truth to myself.  I think God has been trying to teach me something about resting in Him, because within a week I sang Still, My Soul, Be Still for church with my dad and two others, and I played a piano offertory to Be Still My Soul.  See a common trend here?

If you could choose a “word of the year,” what would it be?
Not a word, but a phrase: DO HARD THINGS. :)

What is your absolute favorite book? (Just pick one… if it’s possible!)
Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis is one of my very favorites!

When did you start blogging? What inspired you to start a blog?
Well, it’s been almost 3 years since I published my first post, which is super exciting!  As to what inspired me… well, believe it or not, it was a modest fashion blog!  Fresh Modesty was one of the first blogs I kept up with, and that’s kind of where I was introduced to blogging.  I loved everything I observed about it!  I didn’t have any goals or a vision in mind when I began, but in the past year especially I feel like my blog has really taken shape.  I’m blown away by the drastic increase in readership I’ve seen recently!

What is your favorite part about blogging?
I’ve been asked this questions multiple times, and I’m pretty sure I always give multiple answers.  There’s just so much I love about it! :)  I especially love interacting with my readers through the comments.  Writing posts is also super fun!   And blog design… and getting photos for posts… so, pretty much everything. ;)

What’s your salvation testimony?
I was saved at a young age, and I will be honest when I say that I don’t vividly remember all the details.  I’ve pinpointed that I must’ve been 5 or had just turned 6, but I’m not entirely sure.  I just remember knowing the basic truths – I was a sinner, Jesus died for me, and He was the only to heaven – and late one night I sat on the edge of my bed and asked Jesus to save me.  I remember being excited and going to my room knowing that God was about to do something special in my life!

Do you play any musical instruments?
Why, as a matter of fact, I do! ;)  Haha.  If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love music and learning new and lesser-known instruments. :)

Have you traveled to any countries outside the US?
Nope!  I’d love to one day, though.

Who is your favorite preacher?                   
Hmm, well, my pastor’s preaching is great.  I was also really was touched by the one sermon I heard my youth pastor preach before he and his wife left on deputation for Ecuador.  Stephen Davies would also be a favorite.

Do you prefer iOS (Apple) or Android?
I’m not really sure; I’ve only ever had an Apple.

What do you believe is God’s highest calling for women?
I believe that the highest calling applies to everyone, and that is to make disciples and bring glory to God.  However, the specifics of this does look different for males and females, and even further, for all individuals.  I would say that one of the primary ways the roles differ between men and women is that men are called to lead and women are called to help.  Women are also called to keep the home and nurture life.  God has given most women the very special ability to bear children; an ability which He did not give men.  Men and women are uniquely different but equally important.

If you are interested in learning more about God’s design for women, Girl Defined is an excellent resource.  Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird have provided hundreds of helpful blog posts and YouTube videos centered on womanhood, and their book, Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity, was outstanding.  I felt so much more confident and excited about God’s plan for womanhood after reading this book!

How long have you been blogging?
See above: “When did you start blogging?  What inspired you to start a blog?”

What is a “desire of your heart”/one of your dreams?
I would love to start my own music mission team, or be a part of one someday.  I’d also love to publish music.  A more down-to-earth desire of mine is simply to be a wife and mother one day.

If you could meet anyone (this person is currently alive), who would it be?
I’m not usually much of a fan-girl, and autographs aren’t really important to me, so I don’t really have a huge desire to meet any one famous.  The closest person to “famous” that I’d love to meet and sit down and talk with would probably be Taryn Harbridge.  I'd love to get some video-making tips from her and just chat about all things music and instruments.  But in all honesty… can I please just meet some of my dear faraway friends?

What is your favorite story from the life of Jesus?
Very simply, I just love meditating on His crucifixion and resurrection.  Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday are very special days to me.  But I had to pick a specific story… well, I can’t.  But one that I do really love thinking about is when the girl with an issue of blood touched His robe and He knew exactly what had happened but stopped and asked anyway (Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48).  The reality of His omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience just sinks in so much.  I could say so much about this story, but you’ll just have to wait and read a Women of the Bible study on her ;)

What’s your favorite cuisine?
I love Mexican!

Now, here are some random fun-facts about me that you may or may not have known! :)

  • I was born with 11 fingers.
  • The highest note I’ve ever sung is two Cs above middle C.
  • I played the part of Elizabeth Elliot in a play one time.
  • I am a childhood cancer survivor.
  • My dad’s nickname for me is “Miss Princess.”
  • I began playing piano at the age of 9.
  • I have finished writing one book, with a whopping page count of 30.
  • I’ve been camping once, and it stormed almost the entire time (read my takeaways here).
  • I have been on TV twice.
  • I don’t like whipped cream and for the longest time I absolutely despised Chick-fil-A.

Learn anything new about me? :)

Here are 10 questions for my nominees!

1 – What is your favorite topic to blog about?
2 – Share a person example of the evidence of God’s hand at work in your life (can be a recent example or something in the past).
3 – What is one random thing on your bucket list?
4 – What would be your favorite dinner + dessert menu?
5 – Which vacation would you choose: mountain cabin, beachfront cottage, amusement park, or a landmark that intrigues you?
 6 – Describe yourself with five words.
7 – What is your dream instrument?
8 – Three Bible verses that are special to you?
9 – Fun inside joke?
10 – Favorite resource (book, blog, movie, etc.)?

I nominate…

If you have a blog and I did not tag you, please DO IT anyway!  And then comment below to let me know if you did it. :)

Thanks again, Anna and Alyssa! <3

How was your Resurrection Day?  Please tell me about it below!


  1. Thanks for tagging me, Grace! Can't wait to do it!
    I honestly knew a lot of your answers (haha!) but a lot of your fun facts I didn't. Like I DIDN'T KNOW YOU GOT A VIOLA!!!!! You should make a youtube video of you playing it!!! How exciting!!!
    I just noticed - you started playing piano at the same time I started writing poetry. Isn't that funny?
    What were you on TV for??? Were you nervous??? Sounds fun! Haha!
    It's neat that you were Elizabeth Elliot in a play! Was the play about Elizabeth or did it just have her in it? I was in several small-scale plays - 2 at our house for friends on Reformation Day when I was 11-12 (October 31st) and then one last year for Reformation day at our church. It was fun!
    You don't like whipped cream??? I have a certain brother who LOVES it and would be SHOCKED to hear that someone in the world doesn't like it! Haha!
    Great post! Can't wait to answer your questions. ;)

    1. I can't wait to see your post, Grace!
      Haha, it doesn't surprise me that you knew a lot of my answers already. ;) Yes! I actually just got the viola on Thursday. My brother drove me to NC that afternoon to get it, but I didn't actually get a chance to play it till Friday. I LOVE IT! The learning curve will be learning to read alto clef :/ I'm gonna try to find some flashcards for alto clef so I can work on it.
      I've already written a super fun + peppy arrangement for viola and violin which I'm SO excited about!! I worked for about 2-3 hours this morning/afternoon and it was so worth it. Keep an eye of for a video one of these days... ;)
      That is so interesting that we started learning piano and poetry at the same time! :)
      I was on TV for the hospital system both times. The first was a virtual toy drive commercial (you can still see it here! and I was so nervous. xD The next time I was in the documentary-ish thing, "Chronicle: Where Miracles Happen" for the Greenville Children's Hospital. We actually had no idea I was going to be it in! One night my dad just started getting all these emails/texts saying, "Gracie did amazing!!" "Loved seeing Grace!" and we were so confused! xD My dad finally found out about Chronicle and screamed through the intercom, "TURN ON THE TV!" and at first we didn't understand him, so by the time we got the TV on, we had missed most of it. It came on again later though :) What had happened was, I was briefly interviewed at Camp Courage that summer and had asked the camera guy, "Will this be on TV?" and he said just kinda shrugged and said "Maybe." :P So we didn't think much about it... and then it showed up! The version on YouTube though actually edited my part out so you can't find it. I wish you could, because it's SO cute because I tried to say "T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma" but I tripped over my words and the narrator said "...and sometimes the names of their illness can be quite a mouth full!" xD
      Well, the play I was in was called "The Bridge of Blood," and it was about the five men who were killed in Operation Auca and their wives. I had the most lines though... I, as Elizabeth, introduced all the men and told their backgrounds, and then there were points when I "jumped into" the story and acted with the rest. It was so neat watching my brothers get in character as Jim and Nate. The guys even acted out the killing scene, which was very traumatic and immensely sobering. Then the whole cast came to the front -- "husbands" standing by their "wives" -- and shouted Jim's creed, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose." Then the lights went off and the play was done. Ahh! I'm going to have to try to find the recording and somehow get it to YouTube.
      Ooh, that's awesome you got to act in a play for Reformation Day! What part did you have?
      Haha nope, I hate whipped cream xD
      Thanks! <3

    2. Ooh!!! I'll be watching for a video then!!!!! The viola is such a neat instrument!!!!
      I'll have to look at that first video on youtube! That would be super fun to watch! How old were you for the two times you were on TV? That's so funny that you all didn't even know about the second one. Hahaha! Too bad I can't see that one. :(
      Oh, okay. I kinda guessed it might have been about Operation Auca. ;) Sounds so fun! I think I remember you telling me about that, actually. In the first play I was in, I was just a civillian. In the second one, I was the princess of Bohemia, and in the third, I was sort of a narrator. ;) I really enjoyed the last two because ever since me and my siblings were little, we really enjoyed making movies. We'd always make little westerns about 'Ben Bullet'. But I was always the one who held the camera! And then if I did appear, it was always something boring. So it was fun to be in the 'spotlight' a little for the second and third play we did.

    3. Agreed! Viola is beautiful! <3 <3 :)
      Well, in the commercial I was 7. Curly-headed, toothless, and shy.... that'll be very obvious when you watch the video. xD I'm guessing that I was 8?? in Chronicle. I know I was older but I'm not sure how much older. I was either 8 or 9 but I'm thinking probably 8.
      How cool! Aww, always being behind the scenes... I feel you there xD I feel that way with the music at church sometimes. Always asked to play the piano instead of sing. ;) Well, OK, so that's not entirely true... I have sung for church in groups and I do sing in choir. But I'm asked to accompany a lot more than to sing.

    4. Just watched the toy-drive commercial. You are SO CUTE!!!

    5. Haha thanks... I think?? xD

  2. I've watched a couple of Taryn Harbridge's songs, they're pretty neat!!

    1. They are, aren't they?! :) She's so talented! I'd love to be able to do videos like that one day. <3

  3. Thank you for doing this post--it was so fun seeing your answers to the questions!! :) "Kisses from Katie" is such an awesome book!! :) I recently read "Girl Defined," and I really really liked it! I just looked at the video of when you were on was adorable!! :) That is SO exciting you now have a viola! :) Do you know how to play the viola? it is such a pretty instrument!

    1. Thanks again for tagging me, Anna! This was loads of fun to do! :)
      No, I don't exactly know how to play viola, but it makes sense in my head and I'm pretty quick at learning instruments so literally the first time I picked it up I played The Power of the Cross. I can play a lot more hymns on it as well, so I'm pretty confident that I can learn viola pretty quickly. The part that will suffer is my technique :/ Thankfully I have a brother who plays violin, to give me some pointers on playing a string instrument :) He's already given me some helpful tips on bow hold and weight.

  4. I loved reading all of your answers! My favorite cuisine is Mexican also! Do you like chicken enchiladas? Those are my favorite! =)

    1. Mexican is great! I've only had chicken enchiladas once or twice, but they were good from what I remember :)

  5. Aww congrats on being nominated for this, Grace! :D Loved reading your questions! And I loved Girl Defined too! I'm actually on the launch team for their new book, Love Defined and I CANNOT wait to get it in the mail!
    PS: I love Mexican too and now you've made me hungry for some xD

    1. Thank you, Bella! Girl Defined is amazing and I'm excited about Love Defined too! So thrilled you got on the launch team. :) You'll have to let me know how Love Defined is!
      Haha, sorry ;)

  6. This was fun to read through!! Congrats on the nominations!!! Thanks so much for tagging me twice!! That means a lot!! And sorry I didn't do the first one! I'll hopefully get around to doing this one soon!! Thanks Grace!

    1. Beth, so good to see you around here again! Thanks for commenting!
      Oh, that's fine about the first one. I'm glad you're planning on doing this one though -- I'm running out of people to nominate for these tags! :P I have another one coming up soon as well that I'll be tagging you for. ;)

  7. Sorry I'm commenting so late! We just got back from a 10 day out-of-state trip, so life has been busy!
    You are so welcome!! I really enjoyed reading all your answers and everything :).
    Also, my Resurrection Day was great. :)

    1. I hope your trip was enjoyable and went well, Alyssa. And thank you for tagging me for the Liebster Award. :)


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